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MineMalia Network: Crafting Your Next Great Adventure

Simon Maribo - March 29

MineMalia Network spices up Minecraft with unique game modes like BoxPvP and OneBlock, offering a vibrant community for every player. Discover a new take on survival and limitless SkyBlock adventures!
MineMalia Network: Crafting Your Next Great Adventure

You can join MineMalia Network today at play.minemalia.com.

Many Minecraft servers have established their brand as a network, that is, they host multiple game modes within one main server to unite a community. While this is a common way of running a server to offer interesting, diverse and varied experiences, it can sometimes become overdone and servers can lack that uniqueness about them.

However, even among these networks, there are some exceptions that prove to be different from the rest. One such example is MineMalia Network, which hosts a number of game modes including, but not limited to, Lifesteal, Prison, BedWars, BoxPvP, Duels, KitPvP and Factions. The variation in game modes made available ensures that despite what kind of player you are, there is something for everyone that will be sure to have you invested in a new community that you can call home.

BoxPvP: New booming gamemode everyone loves!

Jump into BoxPvP where the aim is to rule The Box through smart fighting and gathering the best gear. It's all about your skills in PvP and making smart moves. The game has clear rules like no bad builds or tricking with full inventories, and while some tricks are allowed, fairness is key.

In BoxPvP, you mine to get crystals, the game's currency. Trade what you mine for crystals to buy gear and level up. Climbing the ranks means facing new challenges and getting stronger in the game.
We've linked to a secretly excellent video on how to get off to a great start!

Survival Lime, Survival Aqua and Survival Red: The classic survival experience with a twist

MineMalia Network offers the classic Minecraft survival experience with some interesting new twists through Survival Lime, Survival Aqua and Survival Red. To a new user, the differences between the servers will not be immediately clear, but not to worry. 

Survival Lime is the first server to have been released on the MineMalia Network, and the factor that makes it different from the rest is that there are a lot of additional features available, such as custom enchantments, warps, auctions, trades, an economy system, and more.

Survival Aqua is another server that offers a survival experience, but with a unique difference in that the Keep Inventory feature is enabled in the PvP zone. This effectively means you can enjoy the experience of PvP that contributes to playing on a survival server without the consequence of losing all your hard-earned items and progress.

Survival Red is the final type of survival experience that is offered by MineMalia Network. Some people prefer a more calming, relaxing experience that is not filled with a constant sense of danger no matter where you turn. Meanwhile, others prefer a more difficult time, where they have to be vigilant to protect themselves from death. Survival Red is for those people. The difficulty is permanently set to Hard, meaning you will be in for a challenge. Apart from that, everything else works the same way, with the additional difficulty of hostile mobs having greater health, doing more damage, mobs being able to give you harmful status effects such as Poison or Wither, and more. Needless to say, the experience will not get boring anytime soon.

OneBlock: SkyBlock knows no bounds with this take on the classic game mode

As part of its unique game modes, MineMalia Network offers OneBlock for members who would like to lose themselves in a SkyBlock realm that has no limits. In this game mode, players start by spawning on a single block that will automatically regenerate whenever you break it. Each time the OneBlock regenerates, a new block will appear, adding unpredictability and luck that is sure to enhance your time on the server. You can progress all the way through 17,000 blocks and 13 phases to create an island that goes beyond the limits of your imagination.

There are a number of phases that are offered, as mentioned. Each of these correspond with a new theme. For example, to list a few, there are the Plains, Underworld, Winter, Ocean, Jungle, Swamp, Dungeon, Desert, and more. Naturally, each phase has its own mobs, blocks and items that help to create a unique experience. 

Another feature offered by MineMalia Network is Chunk Hoppers, which allow you to collect all drops within a certain chunk. These are items that can be obtained through voting for the server or by purchasing them through the server shop.

The future is closer than you thought with MineMalia’s innovation

MineMalia Network offers an exceptional Minecraft adventure that is unique in its delivery. It is constantly innovating and considering what it can do better to impress and retain its users for many years to come.

You can join MineMalia Network today at play.minemalia.com.

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