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About the list

What is Minecraft-List.gg?

Minecraft-List.gg is a Minecraft server list that helps players find the best Minecraft servers to play on. We have a wide variety of servers, from minigames to survival, and everything in between.

Our goal is to help players find the best Minecraft servers to play on, and to help server owners grow their communities.

What is server points?

Server points are our way of ranking servers. We do not solely rely on votes like so many other server lists. The point system is dynamic and servers can earn points just as easily as they can lose them.

All servers starts with 0 points and can achieve more points in 3 ways:

Server is online

Everyday all servers status is checked and if the server has online 24/7 it will earn 50 points. Note that the server can be offline once per day without affecting the daily bonus of 50 points. This is so that servers can have a daily restart without affecting Minecraft-List.gg.

Amount of online players

Each time a server is pinged, 0.05 points are earned per online player on the server. All servers are pinged every 10 minutes.


Each time a user votes for a server, the server earns 10 points. Every user can vote once per day.

But a server can lose points in the following ways:

Server is offline

If a server is offline more than once per day, it will lose 10% of its total points.

Weekly fair reset

Every Monday at 00:00 all servers will have its points divided by 20. This is to ensure that new servers can compete with older servers. This will not affect the active ranking of the servers, but it will make it possible for newer servers to compete with established servers on the list.

Can everyone list a server?

Yes everyone can list a server on Minecraft-List.gg. We do now have any requirements for listing a server, but we do have some rules that servers must follow. You can read about them in our terms of service.

How do I contact Minecraft-List.gg?

You can reach us at our email or on our Discord server. We are always happy to help you with any kind of question or issue.

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