What types of Sponsored Slots do we offer?

At Minecraft-list.gg we work hard to provide the best server list, where our focus is on making sure that smaller servers have a chance to be seen. We sell sponsored slots for your server within the front page and subcategories, and you also have the opportunity to have a blog post written about your server and have your hosting company highlighted.

How do sponsored slots work on our website?

By purchasing a sponsored slot, your server will be at the top of the front page of our list, the server will also be highlighted under the subcategories you have placed your server under. You can buy a sponsored slot for certain periods and pre-order a spot. Create a ticket on our discord to learn more.

How do you get a blog post written about your server?

We put a lot of effort into writing articles about servers that have gone the extra mile to showcase unique features. You have the option of having a blog post written about your server, where you only need to tell us what features make your server unique, and we'll be ready with the people and expertise to write a well-written article. The article can either be used for your own use or posted on our server list at https://minecraft-list.gg/blog Create a ticket on our discord to get started.

Can my server host be highlighted on our site?

We are very selective about who we work with, which is why we don't currently collaborate with a server host. However, we are always open to partnership opportunities. Create a ticket on our discord to get in touch with us.

What is the revenue generated by sponsored slots used for?

We make a great effort to use a large part of the revenue generated to increase traffic to the website, therefore a large part of the revenue is spent on targeted Google Adds for specific keywords such as "best skywars servers" and "top minecraft servers 2024".

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