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InsanityCraft: a Minecraft multiplayer experience that breaks boundaries

Simon Maribo - March 1

The ultimate Minecraft server that redefines your gaming experience with unique classes, enchanting fishing adventures, and endless quests. Where every click brings a new discovery! Check out Insanitycraft using the Minecraft Java IP address gg.insanitycraft.net
InsanityCraft: a Minecraft multiplayer experience that breaks boundaries

You can join InsanityCraft using the Minecraft Java IP address gg.insanitycraft.net

InsanityCraft: a Minecraft multiplayer experience that breaks boundaries

The multiplayer edition of the sandbox game Minecraft first released over more than a decade ago now, and so it is no wonder that its dedicated community have found new ways to make the game exciting, varied and unpredictable, with custom game modes like SkyBlock, Prison, and Factions, which transform the base game into something entirely different from its base version, owing to the versatility of the game. However, with more and more servers being released over the years, players have increasingly seen the same formats repeated over and over again, without any rhyme or reason. InsanityCraft, a network comprising multiple game modes, provides a reprieve with its unique experience that is sure to have any player addicted.

Check out Insanitycraft using the Minecraft Java IP address gg.insanitycraft.net

SkyBlock: Lose yourself in the magical realm with the class system

InsanityCraft offers a SkyBlock experience that deviates from what the average player may expect from this game mode. When a player first joins the server, they will be able to choose between multiple classes, which are special designations that grant the player with unique abilities. For example, as pictured, the Healer class awards up to 10 additional hearts, making them arguably much stronger. This levels up with experience, allowing the player to become increasingly stronger as they dedicate their time to the server. The Magician class, on the other hand, allows the player to gain special effects including Jump Boost, Night Vision, Luck, and Water Breathing, all of which help make the SkyBlock experience more fun and exciting as each day passes. No matter what class the player chooses, they can be assured that they will be able to channel their energy spent on the server into becoming a force to be reckoned with. This, naturally, scratches the surface of what InsanityCraft’s SkyBlock has to offer. With a game mode that is constantly being updated, there are endless hours of entertainment at the ready.

Fishing doesn’t have to be all so mundane…

The prospect of fishing in vanilla Minecraft can prove to be repetitive and, arguably, boring. Luckily, the custom implementations in InsanityCraft make for a distinguishing experience that 1 sets apart the network from other servers. The network’s global custom fishing system allows for what might normally be an arduous task to become entertaining. There are various enchantments that players can apply to fishing rods in the base game. On InsanityCraft, custom enchantments are available, called Augments, that add special abilities to the player’s fishing rod. Here are a few examples that give a taste for what players can enchant their fishing rods with:

  • Call of the Storm: Increases chance of multiple fish caught when raining. Who doesn’t appreciate a little more realism within the fantastical world of Minecraft?

  • Biome Disruption: Allows the player to catch fish from different biomes when fishing. No longer will the biome be a barrier to catching a desired type of fish.

  • Master Fisherman: Increases chance of catching higher-tier fish. Conquer the seas without fear and with fervour.

    The typical drops from fishing are not all that interesting, either. Not to fear, though, as InsanityCraft allows for custom items to be caught from fishing. These include Crates, which allow the player to gain exclusive items at random, and Dolphin Tails, which can be used to craft Augments and is dropped at a base chance of 20%. Fishing has never been a more enjoyable experience than through InsanityCraft’s implementation of new functionality that transforms the vanilla experience.

Basic materials have never come easier in InsanityCraft’s Survival experience

In a Survival experience, it can sometimes be a time-consuming task to attain basic materials. Although it may be easy, it is certainly not convenient, but this problem is solved by the network’s integration of a ‘Free Items’ section in the server’s store, which can be accessed by entering /store in-game. There is no price or limit on obtaining these items, so players can fulfil their desires without restraint. Of course, not everything is free, some things will still need to be earned in one 2 way or another. Players can purchase certain items and blocks from the in-game store including minerals (as pictured), which can eliminate the troubles of having to find these naturally.


The existence of a variety of quests organised into categories ensures the player will never get bored and will continue to enjoy their time playing on the InsanityCraft network. The in-game Graphical User Interface (GUI) when running /quests will show the player’s current progress on any given quest so they can complete the required objective to earn their well-deserved rewards.


It goes without saying that the aforementioned features are not an exhaustive list, and there are many InsanityCraft-exclusive features players can find on the network, across multiple game modes and globally. The network initially released in 2012, and over the years, it has continually improved and has become known largely due to its commitment to providing a unique multiplayer experience to its current and prospective players.

Players can vote for InsanityCraft every day at https://insanitycraft.net/vote/ which will unlock perks including free ranks. You can join InsanityCraft using the Minecraft Java IP address gg.insanitycraft.net

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