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How To Setup And Use Votifier For Your Server

Simon Maribo - March 9

In this blog post, we'll show you a quick and easy way to set up Votifier on your server, enable voting on Minecraft-list.gg, and how to get rewards through Skript. It's simple and straightforward!
How To Setup And Use Votifier For Your Server

What Is Votifier And What Is The Benefits You Get As Server

Votifier (also known as NuVotifier) is a helpful plugin used by Minecraft servers. It registers players for voting for the server on a Minecraft server list. This helps the server become more popular and brings in new players. When players vote, they usually get special rewards in the game, in the form of items and gems (using plugins like SuperbVote or VotingPlugin). As more players vote, the server gets higher on the lists, which means even more players might join. Votifier makes this whole process easy by working with server listing websites to check votes and give out rewards. It's a win-win situation where both the server owners and players benefit.

How To Setup NuVotifier For Your Server

To start, download the NuVotifier plugin (known as Votifier) from the Spigot page that we've linked to. We recommend you always use the latest version, we have tested version 2.7.3 from 1.7 up to 1.20.4 servers.

Then from here you follow the following guide:

  • Stop The Server You Are Setting Votifier Up On.

  • Drag The NuVotifier.jar file to the plugins/ folder.

  • Start The Server Again So The Plugin Will Load.

  • The next step is to enter the IP (make sure to enter the number IP), for your server under Plugins/Votifier/config.yml - you must enter this without the port for your server.

  • The next step is to connect a port that works for your server. You can enter any number. Make sure the port is open for your server, if you have trouble, finding an open port, ask your hosting company.

  • Restart your server and you should be good to go. See the next step on how to check if your server is ready to receive votes.

How To Check If Votifier Is Set Up Right

It's always important to check if Votifier is set up properly for your server. This can be done using various votifier testing tools. In this guide, we make use of the minecraft-list.gg test tool, which is easy to use.

Go to this link and type in the information matching your settings: https://minecraft-list.gg/tools/votifier-tester

To make it easier to understand, below you can find an image of how we have set up a test server, both with Votifier config and on the website that can send test votes.

If your console loads with the error:

"[Votifier] Votifier was not able to bind to /x.x.x.x:8192" 

Then you know there is an error. In some cases, you can try setting your IP to, typically if you are on your own dedicated machine.

If the website says "There was an error testing Votifier. Please check your details and try again." then it is most likely because your Votifier port is not open, in which case you should either enter a different port in your config.yml or ask your hosting company for advice.

If the vote is successful, you will also receive an instant message in your console that looks something like this:

[11:49:01 INFO]: [Votifier] Got a protocol v2 vote record from /111.222.333:60046 -> Vote (from:minecraft-list.gg username:Maaads_ address: timeStamp:1709984941104 additionalData:null)

Now you have set up the server to register votes from different server pages. Follow our next step where we show you how to set up so that players receive items when they actually vote.

If you're experienced with Skript, we've also created a full guide on how to register votes directly in your own script, allowing you to easily code your own unique voting systems.

How to Enable People to Receive Items When They Vote

To set up so that players receive items when voting is super simple, but can be a bit confusing. We recommend that if this is the first time you set up voting, you use the "VotingPlugin" plugin to set up your players to receive rewards.

Add the plugin to your plugins/ folder and restart the server. For the plugin to work, you need to make sure that NuVotifier is set up properly, otherwise it will not work.

As soon as the plugin is on, you will notice that if you run a Votifier test from our test tool, different messages will now appear in the chat. (Our test tool: https://minecraft-list.gg/tools/votifier-tester)

VotingPlugin adds a whole host of features related to voting. Both a /vote menu, vote party, top stats, various voting events, vote shop with points and a whole lot more. We recommend that you find a Youtube video that goes through all the steps to help you set up rewards in the best possible way.

How to enable Votifier for your server on Minecraft-list.gg

Navigate to "Profile" at the top and create your server, here you need to enter information such as server gamemode, version & social media. To enable voting from minecraft-list.gg, simply check the checkbox that says "Votifier" in the settings of your server.

Here you need to enter the same information as when you tested if NuVotifier was set up correctly. You need to enter the numeric IP of your server and your Votifier port. Then you need to insert the token you find under config.yml, this token is approximately 27 characters long. Below is an image of what a setup could look like.

Players can now vote for your server. Each player who votes for your server adds 10 points to your server's score. You can follow the top voters and your server's total votes for the period on the website for your server.

How to connect Votifier to Skript

Many developers code custom systems in Skript. It is of course possible to easily access expressions from NuVotifier through Skript. We have created a full guide for this which can be found here ""
We go in depth with several different examples and a useful guide for those who want to create voting systems through Skript.

However, we have uploaded a small Skript here to help you get started, but check out our blog post for a full tutorial on how to easily use expressions in your scripts.

#Skript publiched on https://minecraft-list.gg



	set {_player} to (event.getVote().getUsername() parsed as offline player) #Gets the player who has entered a vote on the website.
	set {_uuid} to uuid of {_player}
	set {_site} to event.getVote().getServiceName() #Get the plain URL of the vote website.
	{_site} contains "Minecraft-list.gg": # Checking the vote website
		command "crate give %{_player}% Diamond 1" #Example for giving an reward
		command "coins add %{_player}% 25" #Example for giving an reward
		loop all players:
			loop-player.getWorld().playSound(loop-player.getLocation(), Sound.NOTE_PLING, 10, 1)
	add 1 to {votes::%{_uuid}%::amount}
	if {_player} has played before: #Checks that the player has played on the server before broadcasting a message that the player has voted.
		broadcast "&8[&3&lVOTE&8] &f&l%{_player}% &7voted and received free rewards! &8(&7/vote&8)"

command /vote [<text>]:
		send ""
		send "&8[ &3&lVOTE &f&lSYSTEM &8]"
		send " &7When you vote you help our server & get rewards yourself."
		send " &7You can vote every 24 hours, so feel free to do it daily."
		send ""
		send "&8【 &7Link: &fhttps://minecraft-list.gg &8】"
		send ""

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